All about Swimfit Activate cards

Swimfit Activate is your alternative workout for the pool.

Swimfit Activate is a series of 30 session cards which can be used at any time from the Swimfit poolside unit. The cards start at 10 lengths and go all the way up to 120 lengths. This will allow you to get the most out of your swim during general lane swimming and casual pool sessions.

Swimfit session cards are generally made up of four sections:

  1. Warm up – easy to follow strokes to get your body warm
  2. Stroke development – honing and refining your technique to help you become a fitter and stronger swimmer using floats and other swimming aids
  3. Main set – stepping up the intensity and range of stroke, speed and time for a full body work out
  4. Swim down – time to bring the heart rate down and recover

Each session includes the total number of lengths to be completed, the equipment needed as well as a guide on the number of calories you can burn.

Swimfit Activate Card Example image. Swimfit, the alternative way to workout in the pool.

Click the image to download a sample Activate session card.



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