Swimfit Gym Launched

Image of the new Swimfit Gym, launched today.

Today sees the launch of Swim England’s Swimfit’s brand new, innovative way to help get more people fit and healthy in the pool: Swimfit Gym.

Swimfit Gym is a high impact, high calorie-burning, circuit style exercise programme for the pool.

Aimed at those looking for new and exciting ways to get fit in the water, the Swimfit Gym cards combine lane swimming with popular gym-style exercises to create a natural bridge between the gym and the pool.

Designed to complement existing group led Swimfit Activate+ sessions, the innovative activity cards target specific areas of the body and allow users to tailor their sessions to their individual fitness goals. The gym inspired movements are simple yet effective, with a clear description on the front of the card and a supporting visual sketch on the reverse.

Led by a Swimfit Activator, these Swimfit Gym sessions will transform the ordinary pool routine into an advanced honing and toning session for people wishing to see real results in real time, and keep existing and new customers alike motivated on their fitness journey.

Lara Lill, Swim England Head of Health and Wellbeing commented: “Swimfit Gym is an exciting new addition to the Swimfit Activate+ programme. It gives current and new swimmers a great opportunity to take part in a varied and motivating workout programme, which takes the basic elements of a gym-style exercise class and adds the resistance of water.

“Swimming  is the most popular participation sport in England and research by Sport England suggests an additional four million people want to swim. Swimfit Gym is a fantastic way to introduce new people to the pool, especially those who may already have a fitness routine in the gym, and encourage more people to take to the pool more often.”

With more than 500 facilities currently running the Swimfit programmes across the UK, Swimfit is fast becoming the leading pool workout programme to help get fighting fit for 2015!


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